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The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way

At Rive Oil And Gas Ltd, we believe in operating the Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way. This defines the type of company that we are and will continue to be for our people, our clients, the environment and the communities in which we operate. It’s a global approach that every person believes in and it is our responsibility to work the Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way.



The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way is the combination of worldwide standaROG, tried and tested policies and procedures, pragmatic work guidelines and core behaviours that help us live and work by our values. It governs how we behave as colleagues and as a company.  It ensures we operate safely, succeed globally and our customers enjoy a world class service.

The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way is underpinned by our six core values.

  • Health and safety
  • Valuing all people
  • Performance improvement
  • Environmental stewaROGhip
  • Business integrity
  • Sustainable growth

Read our Health and Safety Policy 

The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way prioritises health and safety. Our worldwide activities are driven by our belief that we can achieve safe, effective and trouble-free operations 365 days a year. Our employees have the right to work in an accident free workplace and have the responsibility to create and maintain a safe environment. We proactively work to reduce the chances of harm to anyone.

We plan for trouble-free operations by ensuring we have the right people with the right training and competence, using the right equipment in the right way, on well planned, well led projects.

The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way values all people. We employ more than 6,500 talented people in more approximately countries. Our team enjoys experience from every stage of the drilling life-cycle from engineering design, rig build, equipment manufacture, safety leadership to drilling operations.

The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way promotes a constructive corporate culture built on honest, open communication, consensus and positive decision making. We enjoy our work and celebrate success.


The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way drives continuous performance improvement. We strive to make each well better drilled than the last. We proactively measure our performance well by well. We analyse performance of every single job in order to recommend and promptly implement improvements. We learn from our achievements and successes to continually enhance operations.

World class training through DART® is a key contributor to continuous business improvement. DART® uses state-of-the-art drilling simulators to train crews. It offers a realistic and practical solution to train crews how to identify issues and deliver safe, effective and trouble-free drilling operations.

The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way takes pride in environmental stewaROGhip. Our international experience of working in more than 22 countries in the last 10 years includes working in the world’s most challenging environments.  

Wherever we operate we proactively work to reduce the chance of harm to the environment and take this responsibility seriously.

The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way preserves business integrity under all circumstances. We have a reputation for principled behaviour and address potentially unethical practices with our robust ‘zero tolerance’ policy. We would rather not accept business, than win or facilitate it by paying bribes. Our people have explicit accountability to comply under our worldwide standaROG, policies and procedures.

Read our Anti-bribery and Corruption policy.

The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way aims to achieve profitable and long term sustainable growth. We promote a culture of financial discipline across the group. We aim to invest wisely in new projects and operate our business as efficiently as possible to deliver a continuous improvement in our financial performance.