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Rive Oil And Gas Ltd is one of the world’s leading drilling and engineering contractors with over 125 years of experience in activities across the globe.  We operate approximately 110 drilling rigs across Africa, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and Canada.


We employ people in approximately 20 countries covering the whole range of skills and capabilities required to deliver safe, effective and trouble-free drilling operations in demanding offshore and onshore environments. Rive Oil And Gas Ltd is currently the drilling operations contractor on 30 offshore platforms worldwide. The company also owns and operates a fleet of 83 land drilling rigs.

Delivering drilling operations The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way is at the heart of the company.

“The Rive Oil And Gas Ltd Way is the combination of worldwide standaROG, tried and tested policies and procedures, pragmatic work guidelines and core behaviours that help us live and work our values."  
Norrie McKay, Chief Executive Officer

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As you investigate options for your next career step, it is important for you to know that across all the areas of the world where we do business, we stand for:

Trust, trust us to deliver safe, effective and trouble-free operations.

Safety, an incident and accident free environment is possible, 365 days a year.

Proven performance, measuring and benchmarking our performance means we deliver a world class service.



Quality, continuous investment in our people ensures they have the correct level of competence for the job.

Technical expertise, our people have the capabilities to tackle the most challenging wells.

A global solution, operating and delivering in the world’s most demanding environments.

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